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In addition to formaldehyde, wood composite flooring should also pay attention to what?

Post time:2017-06-21 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:


In addition to formaldehyde, wood composite flooring should also pay attention to what?

In the building materials market, solid wood composite flooring has been one of the important materials for interior decoration. This derived from wood floors in the family of products, because of the strong sense of natural, comfortable, easy processing, easy to deformation, more and more consumers. According to the structure classification, solid wood composite floor includes two layers of solid wood composite floor, three layers of solid wood composite floor, multi-layer solid wood composite floor. Although the layers are different, but the wood composite flooring panels are generally solid wood puzzle or single board, the core and substrate material is different.


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In the eyes of ordinary consumers, the most important thing is to buy the floor of its environmental performance, that is, formaldehyde emissions exceeded the standard. But in addition to this index, the panel thickness, bonding performance, paint quality also reflects the quality of the product difference. In April 5th, China Consumers Association published the results of comparative tests, thirty wood flooring results showed that 30 samples formaldehyde release amount of the overall level is good, the enterprises pay more attention to environmental protection, environmental protection index is strictly control; but in other functions, will appear in the gap.

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