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How to renovate the old wooden floor? Please pay attention to the details

Post time:2017-07-05 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:

The house is used for a long time, the decoration style is relatively old, but not enough money and time to re decoration, in the face of this situation, Gary wood flooring experts suggest that you can be home to the wooden floor renovation on the line, although only this procedure, but the new wood floor will allow the whole house looks bright and many.


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Old floor renovation, matters needing attention:

First, not all wood floors can be renovated, only the floor surface thickness of 4 millimeters or more of solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and bamboo flooring can be refurbished. As a result of the beginning of grinding will be worn off 1-2 mm, the thin floor is easy to polish out of the middle layer, affecting the floor life, so before the renovation, it is best to retailers to understand their own wood floor surface thickness.

Two, if the wooden floor has been damaged, mildew or deformation, the situation is serious, generally difficult to renovate remediation.

Three, solid wood parquet blocks on the color if not saturated color but surface coloring, or color of the veneer layer is thin, polished after will destroy the mosaic effect, not recommended for renovation.

Four, if the laminate flooring can not be refurbished, because its surface has a layer of three oxidation two aluminum wear-resistant layer, renovation will destroy its wear-resistant layer, and exacerbate the aging of the floor.

Five, in order to ensure the quality of floor renovation, it is better to ask a more professional renovation Jiezhuang company or cleaning company responsible for this project, conditional, but also requested professional supervision staff supervision construction.

Old floor renovation steps:

First, before the old floor renovation, should ensure the cleanliness of the house, moving out of all items inside the house.

Two, the floor of the original surface polished 1-2 millimeters, remove the stubborn stains above.

Three, then Guanizi, coloring, painting, waxing and polishing.

This step should pay special attention to brush paint, general brush again primer, paint the two time, met the floor surface flaws of the need to brush a few times after the completion of such primer, all dry, becomes a new wooden floor.

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