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Antique wood flooring, practical is the first element, fashion and practical parallel

Post time:2017-07-15 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:


In recent years, the fierce competition in the wood flooring market has promoted the emergence of a variety of wooden flooring. In the solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring increasingly favored by consumers at the same time, a known as "the most fashionable" antique floors are quietly entering our lives.

In some of the building materials market, many antique floors of color, texture and texture are very unique, but the price is much higher than the ordinary floor. For example, a carbon burning oak floor, modeled on cave murals, the price of 600 yuan per square metre; and a new listing of the floor, the price is as high as 1500 yuan / square meter. In some well-known brands in the floor of the exhibition hall, display high-end flooring products, more than nominal "original import", "pure hand custom", many of them "limited edition", the price of thousands of yuan per square meter. These are purely hand-made, there is no comparable in price, villa is generally used more.

"Consumers of antique floor, is a kind of attitude and advocating the pursuit of natural history, and modern processing technology advances, the floor is not only durable, and give it a cultural connotation, which is the biggest advantage of the antique floor." Gary wood floor sales staff, antique floor originated in 1970s, the first popular in Europe and the United states. Different from the traditional floor is by surface and hand to do the old scratch imitation antique floor to join the "culture, art, aesthetics, philosophy, aspirations, ideas, consciousness" elements, this "cultural factors, advocate" is enhanced.


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According to Gary wood floor person in charge of the antique floor into the fashion element of many fashion, with fine carving, three-dimensional ripples, hand scraped natural texture. Through in-depth analysis of the way of life, consumer preferences and values and other aspects of the fashion trend research floor, wooden floor, home life at present Carrie's Baroque wood flooring brand, developed dozens of antique flooring products. Through innovation, the fashion trend of the flooring industry has been continuously created, mixing classic and fashion.

It is understood that, due to the constraints of the timber itself, flooring products are difficult to highlight fashion elements. Although a lot of flooring enterprises, but most of the products are stereotyped, and the antique floor to achieve the art upgrading of home products. And the people the impression that the traditional floor is the biggest difference, most antique floor surface is no longer smooth, but manually scratched out many irregular lines in the above, the original plain floor has rich stereo feeling.

You can see in some antique floor products enterprise website, the antique floor mainly yellow, wood color, grey, natural texture, some enterprises also developed a variety of new style, revealing the unique sense of the vicissitudes of life -- a slight bending groove, natural plain, primitive simplicity. It is understood that China's antique flooring due to different technology, the floor features are not the same.

The wood floors are uneven

Currently on the market antique floor is mainly wood flooring, but its surface than wood parquet wood texture thick, is the most close to the floor, especially antique floor surface effect of natural, original, full of art and classical temperament, quickly recognized by consumers. It is based on this, many flooring companies have joined the market competition in this product, antique flooring has become the fastest growing flooring industry category.

In an interview with reporters saw antique floor mostly advertised as "rare tree, hand carved", "imitation of nature scratches, insects, their prices are higher than the laminate flooring or solid wood flooring. The introduction of antique flooring, different brands are also different. If a brand sales staff introduced this antique floor is wood flooring and laminate flooring combination, the advantages of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, high density fiberboard E1 as the substrate, a lifelike effect similar with wood floors. In addition, the surface of the floor, the hand carving, can improve the foot's thickness, so that the floor is more close to the wood floors in the foundation has the characteristics of the hard.

For all sorts of antique floors on the market, some consumers said that the reason why they did not buy antique flooring, mainly worried about not wearing, easily damaged. In fact, the quality of antique flooring is mainly concentrated in the surface of their hand scratch lines and textures.

It is understood that, at present, some enterprises of the antique floor is not really antique, but follow the trend of imitation, and some of the antique floor and art floor confused together.

Utility is the first element

And reveal unique cultural and spiritual connotation of the appearance of different, consumers in the purchase of floors can not really understand the quality of antique flooring. And based on this, many consumers expressed concern about the antique floor, that this floor is not easy to take care of, and secondly, whether the carving of the floor texture is strong, and whether it is durable in the daily home, it is difficult to judge.

In the past, because there is no corresponding standards, consumers will be worried about the purchase of flooring, and "antique wood flooring" industry standard implementation, so that consumers buy antique flooring when there is a basis.

The reporter saw in the "antique wooden floor" standard, the standard definition of antique wooden floor, solid wood flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring through art design, surface planing, chisel, sand, molding method and processed with classical style floor. Standard antique floor is divided into antique wood floors, antique parquet floors, antique bamboo flooring, antique impregnated paper, laminated wood flooring 4 categories, the antique floor of the physical and mechanical properties are clearly defined - -

Antique wood flooring

Wear resistant surface less than 0.15g/100r, and the surface of a film, the film adhesion level is greater than or equal to 2. The moisture content is more than 7, and not less than the average rate of water in different regions of china.

Archaize parquet

Wear resistant surface less than 0.15g/100r, and the surface of a film. The moisture content is 5 - 14. Mor: the thickness of less than or equal to 8mm, more than 35Mpa; the thickness is more than 8mm, more than 30Mpa.


Wear resistant surface less than 0.15g/100r, and the surface of a film, the surface adhesion of the paint is not less than 3. The moisture content is 6-14, the static bending strength is greater than or equal to 75.

Antique impregnated paper laminated wooden floor

Surface abrasion requirements for the plane: commercial grade is more than 9000, I = 6000, two level of household level is not less than 4000; more than 2500 non plane. The moisture content is 3-10. The static bending strength is not less than 30Mpa. The elastic modulus is greater than or equal to 4000 Mpa.

In recent years the flooring industry innovation is mainly embodied in two aspects: one is to improve the wood flooring use value, also is to increase the aesthetic value. Flooring industry through the formulation of relevant standards, establish a market access threshold, in order to enable consumers to buy high-quality antique flooring, while upgrading the overall competitiveness of China's flooring enterprises.


In the production of antique flooring, there are a lot of hand-made links, but this is only part of the whole process. Wood flooring is increasingly integrated into the arts, culture, and design factors, but for most consumers, the practicality is still the first.

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