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Laying method of solid wood composite floor

Post time:2017-07-25 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:

Common wood floor including wood and wood composite, reinforced composite, cork flooring and bamboo in several categories, different types of floor paving work similar, which the difficulty of construction of solid wood flooring, generally by the professional construction personnel construction; composite floor take assembling construction method, relatively convenient, not professionals can also construction.

Maintenance, the floor needs regular waxing and maintenance, and should pay attention to anti cracking, moisture-proof, anti arch and so on, more troublesome, but the replacement of tiles is relatively easy, of course, the price is also expensive. Next, the world and small talk about floor laying method.

Wood flooring laying methods mainly keel shop, try, suspension, shop, try, paste three, different floor types, it is advisable to choose different flooring laying method, do not hesitate to give the construction team.


1. keel shop: to rectangular long wood as material, fixed and load-bearing floor surface layer of the force, and according to a certain distance laying method. Suitable for solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring, in fact, as long as the bending strength of the floor enough, you can use the keel pavement.

2. suspended laying: the floor is not directly fixed on the ground, usually laying mats on the ground, and then with a lock in the mat will slot into one of the floor mosaic paving method, a commonly used cushion material for treasure. The floor suitable for suspension laying method is generally reinforced wood floor and solid wood composite floor.

3., direct paste shop try to: the floor is directly bonded to the ground, this installation method is fast, construction requirements of the ground is very dry, clean and smooth. Suitable for laying length below 30cm solid wood and cork flooring, parquet floors and cork floors for the laying of the best.


These are the three methods of laying wood flooring. The whole floor paving is completed, must use cardboard to lay on the floor, to prevent the late construction of a foreign body or paint falling on the floor, especially in connection with the kitchen, the bathroom door, the place should be better protected, so as to avoid flooding the floor.

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