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Wood flooring purchasing knowledge

Post time:2017-07-26 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:

Before the purchase of the wood floor, the first to know oneself level, towards, residential area, the best to draw a plan to overall planning, the specific distribution of each room use function, then according to choose wooden floor. Generally speaking, young people are busy with their work and study, so they can not completely agree with the requirements of the elderly and children. It is better for the whole family to discuss and reach a consensus to determine the direction of purchasing wood floors.
Consider the use of wood flooring
For a long time, in the laying of the construction will not cause the operation and destruction of the surrounding buildings; finally, consider their own economic capacity, budget, decoration costs.


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Understanding of the types of wood flooring

Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood composite flooring, bamboo flooring and so on more than ten kinds. Be aware of which wooden floor you choose before you can concentrate on the selection.

Determine specifications

After determining the type of wood flooring, it is necessary to further determine the color, grade, price, specifications.

Try to buy famous brand flooring

Currently on the market of wood flooring manufacturers and brands are dazzling, dizzying, three products meet the eye everywhere. It may purchase the necessary know wood flooring brand and reputation. Recommended to see Gary wood floor, six layer wood flooring technology system, quality assurance.

Through the above steps of the investigation, the wooden floor of the type, color, grade, specifications and prices have achieved a good idea, that is, to determine the direction of the purchase of wood flooring, and ready to pay for the purchase.

Further clarity should be made before buying wood flooring:

Quality of wooden floor;

Laying method;

Warranty commitment.

Wood flooring suppliers according to the collection, the two sides identified the contract

In principle, who bought the wooden floor, who let the laying, do not find their own people laying, so as to avoid future quality problems, mutual buck responsibility, so that consumers suffer unnecessary losses.

Site supervision as far as possible

In other words, side laying, edge guidance, side acceptance.

Take care of the wooden floor


After the wooden floor has been laid, it should be maintained for at least 24 hours, so that it can be consolidated and cured, so as to avoid the influence of the wooden floor on the life span.

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