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How to maintain a solid wood composite floor?

Post time:2017-08-01 22:50:35  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:

Many people in the home decoration time will choose solid wood composite floor, because the solid wood composite floor texture natural beauty, make room decoration icing on the cake. So to Gary wood floor as an example, wood flooring should be how to maintain? The following Xiaobian to tell you about the maintenance of solid wood flooring.


1, try to avoid sun exposure, so as to avoid surface paint long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation in advance aging, cracking;
2, keep the floor dry and clean, not allowed to mop the floor with dripping water, or with alkaline water, soapy water to wipe, so as not to destroy the gloss of the paint surface. If the air in the house is dry, the mop can be wet or put a basin of water on the heater or humidifier;
3, the floor try to avoid contact with water for long time, especially cannot contact with hot water, therefore, once hot water is sprinkled on the floor, it should be dried in time;
4, local panels careless, 5 dye stains should be cleared in time, if there is oil, you can use cloth dipped in warm water dipped in a small amount of washing powder scrub, if the drug or pigment, must be stained at the end of infiltration, such as wood surface before cleaning.


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