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What are the unique features of maple in a wooden floor?

Post time:2017-07-24 23:11:09  : ag8亚游集团木地板   source:

Now, as the quality of people's life is increasing day by day, you show the love of sports is unprecedented, the purpose is not only to physical fitness, but also a person to the pursuit of quality of life. When we are in indoor sports, through some controllable external factors to help us protect their bodies, not to fall, sprains, and other small injuries, leading to personal work and life. Widely used in indoor sports is a special solid wood floor exercise, especially indoor basketball hall, installation requirements and its standard is very high, but also a variety of badminton, table tennis, squash and other functions, so in the construction around the stadium, is a basketball based wood floor.
According to the DIN test standard, a completed wooden flooring sports venue should meet the following series of standards:
1, the standard basketball rebound on the wooden floor height to a rebound in cement floor height percentage, standard for more than 90%
2. The maximum amount of deformation at the action point 500mm shall not exceed 15% of the deformation at the point of action.
3, rolling load reflects the floor withstand athletes and other load capacity, standard value of 1500N
4, the deformation of the minimum point of action is 2.3mm, generally refer to standard deformation
5, when the athletes on the wooden floor, the rebound percentage fell to the floor of the force, shock absorption standard = 53%
6, friction coefficient reflects the sliding characteristics of the floor surface, the floor is too slippery or too astringent, is not conducive to the movement or protection of athletes, the standard 0.4-0.6 between


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Some of our daily sports activities, will often be exposed to the wooden floor of the movement, and most of the wooden floor is moving maple wood flooring, today we come to understand what the following features of maple wood flooring.
Appearance: Maple appearance has a natural beauty, a solid sound and gentle; Maple heartwood, sapwood distinction is small, so the difference is small; color and soft, very tight, the fine asperity surface microstructure, light scattering, can give athletes more comfortable visual sense. At the same time, for basketball, volleyball and other venues, its natural light color and bright colored paint can form a more vivid and harmonious contrast.
Material: Hard Maple material density, high strength, impact resistance, and its hardness is 12% higher than that of red oak, 7% higher than the white oak. Maple produces near 38 degrees north latitude of North America, the growth period was shorter and longer in winter, so the fine grain, not easily broken, under friction but more bright and smooth, impact on the bearing capacity is very strong, and durability, and the effect of various types of paint are very good.
Properties: Maple is an organism with a variety of wood fibers and cell bubbles, and has a natural shock absorption function. The wood fiber has a long and close wood fiber structure, the maple materials have good properties of elasticity and hardness of its own, plus the bottom side plate structure, performance in terms of safety, and can meet the requirements of various types of sports flooring.
Compared to ordinary sports wood flooring, maple sports wood floor performance is still very high.


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